CoinLab: New Brands will be Built Around Bitcoin Technology | Money | WIRED

Protocols are sticky, so it’s unlikely Bitcoin will be going anywhere any time soon, says founder and CEO of Bitcoin exchange CoinLab. Quite the opposite, in fact, the technology is so simple and easy to use, it will give rise to countless new brands.
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Speaking at Wired Money in Canary Wharf, Peter Vessenes regaled about the unstoppable power of the crytocurrency. Almost as a demonstration that the traditional financial sector en mass is not quite there yet, however, no one in the audience grabbed the Bitcoin Vessenes made available when he put the details of a brain wallet (very generally, a memorised Bitcoin) up on the screen behind him. Either the room was hesitant, or the majority did not know how to access that brain wallet and take the bitocoin, worth roughly £75. But that, Vessenes fervently believes, is about to all change. And that’s down to the fact that it has the capacity to remove so many middle men — from banks and trading companies — potentially replacing them with just one person.


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CoinLab: New brands will be built around Bitcoin technology | Money | WIRED

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