Bitcoin Technology and Adoption in India via “” Try Bitcoin India is an initiative to progress in the direction of Financial Inclusion. India as an emerging nation, has deep interest in crypto currencies from all different financial sectors of public. One of the important factors to consider with this economic system, is it’s large cash society that is tech savvy with an immense drive to access and put to use latest technology. At trybitcoin we pursue to fulfill the bitcoin needs to all sectors of society by allowing them to trade safely with cash and from the comfort of there home.
Future of Digital Finance:
Bitcoin is an evolution of money, like Internet is an evolution of Information. Bitcoin satisfies all of the characteristics of money and is the closest to the Austrian idea after empirical analysis are found consistent with bitcoin since its inception in 2009.
Bitcoin is also a sophisticated p2p online payment network (internet 2.0) with an open crypto ledger which records each and every bitcoin transactions till date making it the most transparent, free & secure global financial institution. Its open source nature and decentralized technology spreads monetary freedom to any part of the world equally to those who participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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