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Bitcoin and Blockchain: Review of Bitcoin technology called “Blockchain” and the top startups in fintech that are building on the Blockchain (http://angelkings.com/invest) for banking and virtual currency (http://angelkings.com/course) Venture capital expert and bitcoin expert, Ross Blankenship (http://rossblankenship.com) explains all about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology that is sweeping the banking industry. Blankenship also debunks some myths about bitcoin and discusses the potential for the blockchain to emerge as the primary currency for countries across the world/internationally.

Ross Blankenship, the Winklevoss twins, and other top investors in banking have also invested in blockchain and bitcoin technology including Andreessen Horowitz, Y-Combinator, and Union Square Ventures. Some of the top startups with Bitcoin & Blockchain technology include:

Gemini Exchange

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