BITCOIN & Crypto Will Bring “The Great Wealth Transfer” by 2021!!

The Cracks in the traditional financial system are showing & by 2021 the Great Wealth Transfer will officially begin. The Rich, the top 1% are taking all the resources for themselves and are getting dangerously close to an overshoot and collapse type scenario. This has happened before in the past, Minoan, Mycenaean & Rome. All advanced civilizations that collapsed. The only difference today, is we have Bitcoin & cryptocurrency, to redistribute wealth & resources, possibly nullifying the collapse!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Call Me Dirk Diggler
00:47 Bitcoin Is Looking Bearish In The Short Term: Bitcoin TA-Tyler Analysis
02:10 Bitcoin Is Going To Bring The Greatest Wealth Transfer the World Has Ever Seen
02:38 The Top 20 Percent Hold Over 80 Percent of The Wealth In Amercia
03:00 The Wealth Flippening-1% vs The Middle Class
03:06 The Rich Are About To Overshoot & Collapse: St. Matthew Island Case
05:19 Why This Happened The 80/20 Rule
05:47 The Roman Empire Overshoot & Collapse
06:36 Have Human Broke The Global Carrying Capacity? Another Overshoot & Collapse?
07:10 Fossil Fuels the Trigger For This Overshoot
7:54 Top 1 Percent & Top 20 Percent Has Recovered Since The Recession
08:18 30.4 Percent of Household Control Most of the Wealth In America
08:40 Societies Before Us Were at the Mercy of Banks
09:15 We Today Have Been Blessed With Bitcoin
09:40 The Millennial’s Bet Big On Bitcoin
10:24 The Millennial’s Are Expected To Have The Most Disposable Income by 2029
11:05 Concluding Thoughts
11:24 Outro

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